Sweet Baby Ella

Sweet Ella was welcomed into the world this January into one of the most loving families I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Making them a family of four <3

Her sweet mama, Eboniece, pieced together one of the most elegant nurseries I have come across. From the pink patterned wallpaper, beautiful chandelier, right down to the cast iron crib (which I am obsessed with).


One goal of mine this year is to capture our girls more on camera. So far it’s going good and I am SO glad I made this a top priority of mine. These sweet girls are growing up so fast, and it’s something I think about daily. I want to capture them growing, not only as their sweet baby facial features change into child like ones , but how their relationships with one another evolve and grow as well. Here’s a little cuteness from the last two months <3


If you would have asked me 5 years ago where I would be now, I probably would never say where I am right now. I started this business 4 months pregnant with our second child. In a new town where we knew next to no one.

It was always my dream to pursue photography after college but life led us on a different journey first. After my husband got out of the military, we decided to stay and plant our roots here in Colorado.

The best decision we could have made. Since we were back to a civilian schedule, and I could make a schedule with knowing his, I decided to make the leap into what I always dreamed of doing. Photographing people.

2018 brought opened up a new world for me. I just want to thank each and everyone of you for making this possible. With out you all I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Here is some of the amazingness from this past year:

Lerin and Grant's Wedding

2018 was a wonderful year! Especially for Lerin and Grant. Their beautiful ceremony and reception took place at the Gateway Canyons Resort here in Colorado. What an amazing place to spend the weekend with the ones you love the most celebrating these two sweet souls. I’m so happy your paths crossed and brought you two to each other.

Life on the Homefront...

No one and nothing can really prepare you for the questions or stories your child will ask you

We are 6 years into this parenting gig. I feel like we recently just graduated from baby hood and are new into this whole new childhood phase aka kids 5-11 or grade school age. 

Even as a parent of 3…we only have really lived in the baby stage. Like we are held responsible for our kids being responsible…That’s a whole lot of responsibility happening over here haha

Our 6 year old just lost her first tooth…nothing could have prepared me for the millions of incoming questions I was going to get. 

“Mom, how does the tooth fairy know you lost a tooth”. Maddie asked.

This is a question you should invest time in answering before your child reaches this age. So you don’t answer the next several questions like I did…


“Umm… she has a scanner”. I replied. 


“Do they scan each house”? She asked.


“Yep” I said very unsure of what the next question would be. 


“Where do they live that they can do that”? “Do they live in space”? She asked extremely excited. 

Me pausing and thinking about the crazy ass stories I’m now feeding into my Child's memories .


“Yep…they live in outer space. Isn’t that awesome”! I replied 


“What happens if I see her? How big is she”?


“She is small like a bug, you won’t see her she is too tiny. You wouldn’t even know she was there”. I said.


“So she’s like a lighting bug. She glows because she has her lantern so she can see? She replied. 


“Yep, exactly. She looks like a lighting bug”! I said. 


The questions then continued…


“Where do I put my tooth? Do I put it under my pillow or in my pillow case”? 


I replied “You put it under pillow”.


That was probably the easiest question I had to answer today. 


Then we moved onto the “Well what will the tooth fairy bring me”? 


This folks is a HUGE questions. 

Unfortunately  we don’t live in the day and age where one quarter will do the trick. No one gets excited for 25 cents. Pretty sure my kid would opt to keep her tooth instead. My kids probably find this on our floor daily from opening their own piggy banks constantly and loosing all their hard earned money.

Not when, Joe Schmoe in her kindergarten class has an over achieving “Tooth Fairy” who left him $50 in exchange for his first tooth 

(insert tired mom eye roll here).


Listen sweet child, I love you dearly but THAT tooth fairy sure as hell won’t visit this house. Our tooth fairy will probably trade you a nice $2 bill (that someone else gave us but luckily no one notices these things yet so I can regift them their own money). Pretty sure the tooth fairy maxes out at $3 a tooth. Probably even $1 because she usually doesn’t have her life together.


 In the car, she asks if when we get home, if her dad and I can go to bed right when we get home. 


“Honey, pretty sure you have to be the one sleeping for the tooth fairy to come”. 


Insert 6 year old eye roll here. 


That everyone is the day of the tooth fairy. Wish us luck  haha


Enjoy some pictures from our crazy summer time fun <3

Summer Time Fun

How is it already June? It's so crazy how quickly the year has gone by. I thought it would be fun to take a peek and what I have been up to session wise the past month or two. Take a look:



This session, this story, this love....

Danielle found me through instagram and sent me an email about an upcoming trip she was going to be taking to Colorado with her boyfriend Josh and their son Phoenix.

Little did she know that Josh was planning a big surprise. I received a call from him a few weeks before their session and he let me in on his big plan to pop to question! I was so excited to capture this amazing moment in their lives for them.

While I was emailing back and forth with Danielle about location choices, I was trying to find a great spot (secretly knowing what would happen) that would be an amazing place they could visit time and time again, and their boys would be able to visit too when they were older. Pretty sure we found the perfect spot!

The week of their session I was slightly nervous as the weather was (well typical Colorado weather) calling for rain/snow on the day of their session. As luck would have it, it all worked out perfectly (Whoo hoo 55 degrees)! It did manage to be 10 degrees colder in Denver and started snowing on my drive home. Talk about perfect timing!

When Danielle and Josh pulled up, she started to get Phoenix up and dressed.  While distracted with little man,  Josh discretely managed to hand off "the box" so I could keep it in my bag until it was time.

A little ways through their session I asked for Danielle and Josh to turn around. I asked them to think about a quality that the other had that they wish that their boys would inherit, and when I ask them to turn around to tell the other what that quality was. I quickly scooped "the box" out of my bag for a quick and smooth hand off.

Unknowingly to Danielle she would turn around to Josh on one knee. She was totally surprised. Looking back on the photographs you could feel their rush of excitement, joy, happiness, and love all at once.

Josh then informed us afterwards he thought he had lost the ring at one point because he had to hide it in his jacket that he packed in his suitcase. When unpacking he checked the wrong pocket and panicked that he had lost the ring. Which resulted in him tossing around all his clothes. Luckily he just put it in the other pocket. Nothing like a good way to scare yourself after you've flown across country with big plans.

I can hands down say this was one of my favorite sessions. The love, the laughter, the memories that were created this day are forever. In their hearts and in photographs.

Thank you for allowing me to capture this beautiful moment in your lives. One you and your boys can look back on together.

Here's to February 15th, 2018




The Trenches of Parenthood....

This is it, this picture right here. The good, the bad, the funny, the real, the raw, but mostly the LOVE.

This is Kristin and her AMAZINGLY, beautiful family. I had the pleasure of capturing these sweet moments for them a few weeks back. Her session really hit home for me. This is my life right now at home. This first image here sums it right up. The best part about it, that Kristin and her hubby embrace all this sweet craziness. These are the moments. The moments that seem crazy but really just go by crazy fast. Then you soon realize you wish they could be this size forever.

I know these days are the best and worst days. The best because they need you, they want your help, they want to show you everything. Yet some days that sometimes also feels like the worst.  Like if I hear someone say "mom" one more time, I am going to lock my self in the bathroom with a pint of ice cream and stay put for the next hour.

Most days I have to remind myself that these days wont last, it wont be this hard forever. The hardest because I am trying my best to  raise 3 kids and trying to teach them to be helpful, honest, kind, respectful human beings while also trying to keep my own shit together (sorry not sorry). And well, truth is, it's hard! Some days I question if I really have any idea at all what I am doing. Then I see my kids in action, being kind, sharing, being those amazing human beings who will grown up and actually be great loving, caring adults. That's when I know I am doing something right. If my kids learn anything in life, I hope it's the fact they know that doing the right thing, is never wrong no matter what anyone says. Love with your whole heart every time. Have big dreams, and know it's okay to fail as long as you try and then try again. Never give up.

Take a step back each day and just embrace the crazy, because soon this sweet crazy will be 12, then 16, then 21 and you'll wish you would have just stopped to smell the roses instead of rushed to do all the chores <3



Moms <3 These are for you <3

I did Mother Day Minis this year, and I can say I will probably do them again every year. As a mother myself I feel like moms are not in as many pictures as they should be. We are usually the ones behind the camera capturing their every milestone we can, t-ball games, dance recitals, blowing out their birthday candles on their birthday and trying to document every moment we can because it all just goes by so fast.

I know I wish I was in more pictures with my kids when they were babies/toddlers, but for me after all those breakfast pastries, tamales, and well, noodles (because it was the only thing to subside the nausea for the first 3 months) I didn't feel and look my best after each of my daughters were born. I gained a ton of weight (80lbs with my first.....) So for me the last place I wanted to be was in front of the camera.

What I learned when our youngest was born a few months ago was that I had even less time then before. Most days I have a messy bun and whatever sweater I can find that I actually washed that doesn't smell like a baby spit up on it. And that's fine, I'll gladly take every picture like this as long as they feel loved, and happy that's what matters <3

So get in there, get in as many pictures as you can. Even if you have been scrubbing/cleaning your house for the past 4 hours and your in old sweatpants with holes, and all your hair is in a crazy messy bun. No one is going to care in 20 years when you are all looking back at the images when your kids were young. What they will remember is their mom, the one who busted her ass (sorry, not sorry), to keep the house clean, take them to the activities, to make breakfast, lunch and dinner, who tucked them into bed and read them 3 stories even though you said to pick one. That's what they will remember. <3

And then when you can, get dressed up, take the time to do ALL your make up, brush your hair after you shower and even straighten it or curl it. Put on that really cute shirt that makes you feel amazing, that you haven't worn all year because it is dry clean only and you know someone is going to touch you with gross strawberry hands from breakfast, and we all know red stains so you usually always pass over it in your closet. Then get out in front of a camera with your babies <3 Because that picture, that picture is for you! Because all you moms rock <3

So next year, do this for you. You've earned it and you deserve it!

Happy Late Mother's Day <3

Hey Guys, what's up, I forgot how to blog... haha

Oh my gosh you guys! This year has been a little crazier then normal for me. And so, blogging these amazing sessions with my amazing clients has been on the back burner. With a new baby in tow, I've been living off coffee and what's left of my sanity until school is back in session whoop whoop Im excited haha!!! Tonight it felt right to get something on the blog, and my goal is to back log and blog all my BEAUTIFUL session from the last 6 months!!

I cant tell you how many beautiful babies came into the world this year, and I had the pleasure of capturing them!! I love me some cute, sleepy, chubby newborns!! And all the new families I've met this year <3

So I thought I'd start off my "getting back into blogging" blog with our silly, crazy fun summer and our family.

We've been enjoying water balloon fights, mutton bustin, rodeos, rebuilding a 1995 Subaru, finding homes for the puppies my husband brought home because he thought we needed a puppy and a 7 week old at the same time,  and basically surviving in our new element as a family of 5. It's been a pretty rad, and unforgettable summer. FALL HERE WE COME!

New start to a New Year!

The first session of the new year always feels like a breath of fresh air. It's a new year, new goals, new expectations. This session was just a perfect way to kick all that off! Jenna and Josh are expecting their first sweet bundle of joy! I'm so honored and full of excitement that I will get to document their family over the next year and provide them with the beautiful memories from their maternity session until their sweet baby's first birthday! They are going to make such wonderful, sweet, fun-loving parents! This sweet little one is already so loved. Cheers to 2017, this is going to be a beautiful year.

Life <3

I literally can't believe that I haven't written a blog since September!! Ahhh total FAIL!!! In all fairness there has been a lot going on. SOOOOOO it's time to play catch up!

As most of you know, Fall is my busiest time, along with every other photographer out there. This fall though we also had a few extra surprises!

As some of you saw my post last night, we are expecting baby number 3 in May! Surprise! We are super excited, but this mama is also super sleepy!!! It was extra tough for me to fight my first trimester sleepiness and nausea (and forgetfulness, sorry if I took a little longer to respond to emails) especially during busy season! Luckily I made it through, and I am feeling SOOOOO much better now yay!!

So today I thought I'd just write this post on my fun, silly life lately! Today was extra fun for us! My oldest daughter had her first ballet recital!! She was AMAZING! She is my sweet, courageous one, and I couldn't be more proud. She was so excited to get up and dance on stage for the first time today. She wasn't even nervous (she doesn't get that from me, I'll tell you that)! Any who here is some cuteness from our day today! <3 Hope you all have a wonderful Holiday seasons! I'll be playing catch up on blogs and hopefully posting WAY MORE!

It's official! We've hit over 1000+ followers!!!! Giveaway Time!

Well, after 2 years in the business, lots of up and downs and "Maybe I should just quit". Here I am! Thriving, and loving what I do more then ever. Over the past few years I cant believe how far I have come. And the best part is I didn't do it alone. I had all of you! My amazing clients, my family, my friends, and even other photographers who helped me grow and find my passion and mix it with my artistic visions.

I'm so thrilled to be where I am. I'm excited that I am able to give you all such beautiful images of you and your families for you to keep and cherish forever. Kids grow so fast (I should know I have two sweet girls of my own). As a mother I love looking back and remembering those little toes, and silly faces that make them who they are. It all goes by way too fast. You don't want to forget those moments of cuddles and snuggles and I love yous. So I am giving away my top package. $400 package on location at sunset with 50+ edited images. I love each and every one of you for supporting me on this amazing journey. I would not be where I am now with out you all!  THANK YOU <3

This session will take place in Colorado <3

Enter The rafflecopter for a chance to win <3 <3 <3

Mr. Henry

Meet Henry. The newest addition to the Domingos Family. Henry is such a sweet, handsome little man. He is so blessed to have been born into such a loving family. Did I mention what a sweetie he is <3

Welcome Home!

Since I'm such a wonderful blogger (NOT), I am just getting around to this sweet girls newborn session. I had the pleasure of doing moms maternity session in their home, and then did their beautiful lifestyle newborn session there as well. It's really neat to photograph the before baby and after baby in the home. It's so amazing to see life before an added addition <3 and then the completeness of after baby arrives home.

Beeyond the Hive..

Last year my oldest daughter started her first year of preschool. Little did I know that not only would she make new friends, but so would I. It all started with this conversation with my daughter:

My daughter kept pointing at this boy and saying "That's Boy, That's boy".

I said "Maddie, I'm sure that boy has a name, do you remember it"?

She said "Yes Mommy, That's Boy"!

Sure enough his sweet mama smiled at me and I asked her what his name was. It was Boyd. Maddie knew his name the whole time, I just wasn't hearing it correctly haha

After a few weeks, a couple of us moms started to get together and grab coffee during the short 3 hours preschool was in session. Each week, we grew to know each other a little better then the week before. This is where I met Jacy. Jacy is from a long line of beekeepers, all starting from here in Colorado. It's really amazing what decades worth of beekeeping has brought to her and her whole family. They truly run an amazing, heartfelt family business. She is full of such passion, charisma and had the biggest heart of anyone I've ever met.

Now I am happy to say she is one of my dearest friends.

 I also had the pleasure of photographing some amazing new products she is adding to her shop: HOODIES! If you know me, you know there is not much I love more then hoodies and fall attire (except for my family, and coffee)! I mean seriously, I love rainy cold summer days for the main reason being that I can wear hoodies <3

Not only does she have AMAZING honey (So many different choices, I may have like 5 different flavors right now, don't judge), she also has lotions and honey melt scents, candles, and more. I mean really just check it out because it's local and it's the bees knees (see what I did there)? 

Love ya Girl!

check out some amazing honey and accessories here:


They are only little once...

I really loved this session. I enjoying chasing after little ones and really capturing who they are at this moment in time. It is such a sweet, magical age to capture. I know first hand because I have a little one almost the same age at home. The age where they are finding their independence, investigating everything, on the go all the time, but still grounded by their mama's love.  Capture all of these moments, especially the ones where they don't want to sit still and wiggle out of your arms to run around. Because they will always run back into your arms, now and forever <3

Baby Mila

Because even though she is almost 5 months old now, and I'm terrible at blogging in a timely manner, I still adore how amazingly beautiful these images of her are. Seriously, she is just so beautiful (did I mention she slept through her whole session)!

The little things....

One of my favorite sessions are my grow with me sessions and lifestyle ones at that!  It is so amazing watching these little babies turn into soulful, personality filled, toddlers. I can't explain how wonderful it is being able to capture each stage and watch them grow into this little person with their own likes and opinions. This beautiful family invited me into their home to capture lifestyle images for their milestone sessions. I am seriously in love. To capture the spirit of the children growing in their own home and the little things, like how they read together, or how she plays with her brothers hair and he loves it. These are the little moments you are never going to want to forget. The little things that made them happy at that time in life. Capture the little moments, even if it's on you phone. And print them, always print your photos so you don't loose these special memories, because you don't get these days back.